Chinese gaming and entertainment company AGTech Holdings Limited and Paytm together has launched a mobile platform Gamepind, which offers a host of social and casual games to Indian users.

Gamepind is available both through the Paytm app and as an independent app. However, when we looked for Gamepind’s separate app, we could not find it. Although it is there on Paytm’s app, in gaming’s category and lists games across categories like puzzles, sports, racing, arcade etc. We could play one or two games without downloading anything. Also, Paytm currently has small-ticket cashback and coupons for scoring on the games listed on Gamepind. I scored zero in a cricket game, I still received a coupon.

The launch is a result of AGTech’s and Paytm’s 55:45 joint venture, which was announced in July last year. AGTech is an Alibaba Group owned unit.

As part of the JV, Paytm’s parent One97 invested $8.8 million in the venture for its 55% stake, and AGTech Holdings $7.2 million for its 45%.  This is apparently AGTech ‘s first such global expansion which is starting from India.

Competition in Indian mobile gaming space

There some other notable players in the digital gaming space, like Nazara Technologies Ltd. Viaan Industries, a company promoted by businessman Raj Kundra and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has also entered into e-sport category and launched an app-based Match Indian Poker League (MIPL) which will allow city-based teams to compete in the global professional match poker league. Other companies focused on the mobile gaming sector in India include GamingMonk, 99Games, Games2win, PlaySimple, amongst others.