Google has rolled out a new feature called Posts in India which allow users to access verified content, the tech giant announced in a blog post.

Google said that users like celebrities, companies, brands or any other well-known personalities can post content directly to the search engine with a verified Google Posts account.

Google added on its blog that users can “search for queries like Indian Super League or Tiger Zinda Hai, they will see verified updates directly from the source.” The content can be a Tweet, link, news, images, videos, GIFs etc.  The company says that this “format will allow searchers to hear directly from the primary source”. These verified profiles will have a blue badge on the profiles.

Verified accounts

Internet companies such as Google, Twitter, WhatsApp etc are paying heed to authenticated information and profiles. Recently, WhatsApp said that the business profiles on the platform will have verified profile for authentic communication. Last year, Twitter allowed all the users to request for a verified account.

The companies are essentially battling with the issue of ‘fake news’. In October, Facebook started testing a button that will provide users with additional information and context about articles they see in the News Feed. This additional contextual information has been pooled from within Facebook as well as other external sources. In April, Google had announced changes to its search algorithm in an attempt to push down fake news from its search results.  Twitter too is updating its rules and conditions to battle issues pertaining to social network and Internet users behaviour.