by Surabhi Nijhawan

Amazon is retiring its Amazon music storage subscription plans and has plans of discontinuing playing or downloading from the service in January 2019.

As of December 18, 2017, the option to upload music will be removed from the Amazon Music for PC/Mac app. Music that is uploaded can be played and downloaded until January 2019. However, no exact date is mentioned.

How will this affect the users?

  • The already uploaded songs can be downloaded until January 2019.
  • Amazon had two free storage plans, the free one that allowed storage for 250 songs and the paid plan which offered cloud storage for up to  250,000 songs. Both of these will be affected by the shutdown.
  • The changes will only impact the music that has been imported and not the music bought from Amazon – MP3 or AutoRip. AutoRip allowed users to add MP3s to your storage for all albums purchased from Amazon.
  • January 15 will be the last date to update new subscriptions for both free and paid accounts.
  •  Amazon customers can renew their existing subscriptions.  But the inability to renew will lead to the end of the subscription. The user will be downgraded to a free account with a year’s access to only 250 of the tracks

Previously, Amazon had a music importer that it shut down in 2015, making way for Amazon music app. In 2011, Amazon Music Storage stirred a controversy with music publishers because it didn’t have a license from the producers.

On the other hand, Google and Apple offer music storage. Apps such as Spotify, Gaana and Saavn are popular music streaming websites/app.