Amazon India’s logistics arm Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) has further received funding of Rs 130 crore as per the Registrar of Companies documents, reports Financial Express. The capital came in from the US-based parent Amazon Inc.

Amazon has been strengthening its logistics arm in India in a big way, ATS received Rs 207 crore worth of funding from Singapore-based Amazon Corporate Holdings and Amazon Malaysia, in June, and before that, it had received Rs 67 crore in September 2016.

Drone Delivery?

Note that the development comes when the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) released draft rules on its website last week and seek comments from the public. Under the proposed rules, drones can be used for commercial purposes but it’s not clear how this will be implemented.

Note that in October, Amazon Inc. had filed a patent application in India for multi-scale fiducials, which is essentially a mark or set of marks placed on an object to help an imaging system identifies the said object, which allows Amazon’s delivery drones or automated aerial vehicles (AAVs) to identify objects from varying distances to both avoid collisions and navigate better. It will also allow the AAVs to identify other moving objects in the sky such as other AAVs and airplanes.

In June this year, Amazon had also filed a patent application in India for propeller technology to improve the safety of drones. The technology facilitates automatic detection of any contact or any imminent contact between the drone’s propeller and an object, including humans and animals such as pets. Once such a contact is detected a variety of safety features will be initiated to stop or rapidly reduce propeller rotation, move the drone away from the object, emit a warning note, among others.

Amazon India in focus 

Amazon’s total investment commitment in India stands at $5 billion: the $3 billion announced in June 2016, plus the $2 billion investment announced back in July 2014, which the company has already completed in phases over the past two years. Logistics and payments services are its major focus areas in the country.

In terms of its capacity in India, the company opened its 41st fulfillment centre (FC) in Hyderabad in September, which it said that its largest in the country with covers over 400,000 sq ft with close to 2.10 million cubic ft and is located in Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. The company also said that Amazon is doubling its storage capacity in the country by setting up seven new fulfillment centres by the end of the current quarter (Q2 2017).