Facebook-owned image sharing network Instagram has introduced polling feature for its users, the company announced in a blogpost. The feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

How it works: Adding polls is similar to adding other stickers on Instagram stories. When you add a story, tap the stickers icon on the top left, and tap ‘polls’ in the stickers, your story will automatically be presented with ‘Yes’ on ‘No’ on it, which can be customised. The story also will be automatically be presented with the option add a question and choices.

To check your poll results, simply open up the viewers list of your story, and it will show who voted what, the results are refreshed real-time. Just like stories, all polls and results disappear after 24 hours.

The copy-cats

The new polling feature by Instagram is similar to its rivals’ Snapchat polling feature,  which was offered after its integration with social polling app Polly for its users. The feature had gone viral amongst Snapchat users, as around 20 million users used it and generated some 100 million answers last month.

Mirroring or copying each other’s feature is not new for both the rivals, Instagram or Snapchat. (Mostly Instagram takes “cue” from Snapchat)

Last month, Instagram introduced three new tools on the platform to simplify Stories for advertisers and marketers on the platform. These tools were similar to Snapchat tools. Snapchat had launched a self-service Ad Manager for the advertiser, and Instagram possibly took a cue from that. Before that, Snapchat too had a copy-cat moment, when it launched Facebook (and now Instagram)-like ads power editor.

In December last year, Instagram crossed 600 million active users(MAUs) just six months after it hit the 500 MAUs mark in June. Its competitor Snapchat on the other had claimed 150 million Daily Active Users as of June.

New creative tools

Instagram has also introduced two new tools: a color picker for text and brushes and an alignment tool for text and stickers, the latter is available for iOS users only as of now.

When users choose a color for text or drawing tool, they will see a new eyedropper icon at the far left, and then they can use it to select any color from their photo or video and apply it text or drawing tool. For positioning text or a sticker your photo or video, you will see new blue lines which will help you to place text and stickers properly your pictures.