Cab aggregator Uber has rolled out two new safety features for its driver partners on the app- driver share trip, and driver deduplication. Uber now allows drivers to share the details of trip, including route and ETA, in real time with their family or friends.

Sharing trip details was earlier available for riders only. Uber said in a statement that driver share trip feature now allow drivers to share the trip information with loved ones, without implicating the privacy of the rider or divulging personal information or specific drop off or pick up points.  The feature is available for riders in Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow and will be fully rolled out across India by end of this month, said the cab aggregator.

Unverified drivers’ account delete: Uber has also upgraded its technology to check and de-duplicate driver partner accounts on its platform, which will help the company to eliminate account sharing incidents.

With this upgrade, Uber will now trace the duplicate accounts and these accounts will be temporarily paused. Driver partners will receive an in-app message telling them why their accounts have been paused and will be asked to verify their accounts by logging in. Those accounts that are not verified will be deleted and barred from use in the future. Uber has close to 450,000 registered driver partners in India.

Beside this, the company had earlier rolled out real time ID check for drivers using selfies, to prevent frauds and drivers’ accounts from being compromised. The feature basically prompts the driver to periodically take a picture before accepting rides, to ensure the correct driver is behind the wheel.  Uber had said during the rollout in March that if the photos do not match, the account will be temporarily blocked and the company will look into the situation.

Most of these updates are part of cab aggreagtor’s UberSAFE campaign, under which Uber has tied up with several the law enforcement agencies, NGOs and the Government. For instance, it partnered with Delhi Police to allow quick access to Himmat, a women safety mobile app, through the mobile app.