The initial price offering (IPO) for Matrimony was subscribed 4.44 times (12,470,595 bids for 2,811,280 shares offered) at the end of the last (third) day, according to data on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The bids at the end of Day 3:

  • Total bids from Retail Investors were 9,258,390 for 509,890 shares offered to them. This is oversubscribed, at around 18.16 times.
  • Qualified Institutional Buyers bid for 2,880,780 shares, around 1.88 times the 1,530,905 shares reserved for them.
  • Non Institutional investors bid for 313,320 shares, around 41% of the 764,836 shares allocated to them.
  • Employees bid for the 18,105 shares, around 3.21 times the 5649 shares reserved for them.

Matrimony is looking to raised Rs 500 crore through the IPO. The price band is Rs 983-985 per share for the IPO, and the bids are spread evenly across this price range, and a small number a cut-off.

Matrimony raised Rs 225.8 crore by allotting shares to institutional investors as part of its anchor book allotment which included Small Cap World Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, private equity fund Baring Private Equity India AIF, and  Goldman Sachs Ltd.

This is Matrimony’s second IPO attempt. The matchmaking portal received the final observation letter in July, from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for the IPO.  The company had previously postponed its IPO in December last year citing that the weak market conditions as a reason, around demonetization time.

Who’s selling?

The equity shares on the Offer for sale (OFS) include 14,61,006 lakh shares of Bessemer India Capital Holdings, 1,55,760 lakh shares of Mayfield, and 16,83,207 lakh shares of CMDB II, plus 3,84,447 lakh shares of Murugavel Janakiraman, and 82,834 shares of Indrani Jankiraman, who is a member of the promoter group. With this IPO Bessemer will be exiting the company completely by selling its entire 6.87% stake in the company.


The company has posted losses of Rs 1.67 crore in FY 11, Rs 3.79 crore in FY12, Rs 9.16 crore in FY14 and Rs 2.93 crore in FY15. For the fiscal year ended March 2013, Matrimony posted a profit of Rs 10.41 crore. The company mentions that the losses in fiscal 2014 and 2015 resulted from the impact of exceptional expenses incurred in defending Matrimony, its promoter and certain investors in connection with the Desai et al. v. Infonauts, Inc.,et. al litigation. The legal costs in FY 15 were Rs 14.18 crore and Rs 18.90 crore in FY14. reported revenues of Rs 242.85 crore for the FY15. Majority of the company’s revenues came from its match making services (Rs 231.99 crore) followed by marriage services (Rs 7.35 crore) and sale of products (Rs 2.07 crore).