Restaurant listing and food delivery company Zomato announced in a blog post that it has surpassed 3 million online orders in a month (for the month of July).

In terms of platform wise traffic, Android contributed 51%, iPhone 38% and Web 11%.  The share of restaurant delivered orders stood at 93%.

Note that Edge’s CEO and MD Hitesh Oberoi said in Info Edge’s Q1FY18’s earnings calls that online orders on Zomato were down for a “couple of weeks” this quarter (April to June) with UberEats launching. “There was a bit of an impact for about a couple of weeks and on Online Ordering a bit of slowdown growth for about a month, but I think they are back to normal now,” he added.

Zomato claims in its post that 65% of newly signed up users for food ordering business order again from Zomato in the next 12 months. It said that the company is still not spending money to acquire users and its “listings business is still feeding the baby.” However, the company did not have a smooth ride in recent past. In May, Zomato’s database was compromised by hackers. In a cyber security breach, encrypted passwords and raw usernames/emails belonging to 17 million users were stolen by unidentified hackers.The issue was fixed the issue next day.

It also launched two new updates on the platform. A user can request for faster delivery for special cases like sickness. And, a user can give instruction for the restaurant to not send plastic cutlery.

The company said it will be launching more new features soon.

Other highlights and launches

Zomato Treats: The company started Zomato Treats in April this year.  Subscribers of this product get a free dessert with every meal they order with participating restaurants. The subscription is priced at Rs 249 per year and is available in India and UAE. The service is a precursor to Zomato Gold, another subscription membership plan launched in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which allows users to buy two drinks for the price of one at any day or time. According to a report by ET, Zomato has crossed 21,500 subscriptions for Zomato Treats in the four months since the service’s launch in India, having served 1 lakh treats. Last month, the company announced on its blog that its subscription-based product, Zomato treats has 10,000 paid subscribers, and has 2500 partner restaurants in multiple cities.

Zomato Gold: During the launch of Treats in India, the company had said in that Gold will be launched in India in “couple of month”.

Cloud Kitchen: for providing partner restaurants with a kitchen in a city they aren’t based in. The company has plans to expand this to 100 locations by end of 2018. So far, this is being provided free to partner restaurants as a part of Zomato Infrastructure Services. This was launched a month after competitor Swiggy launched its own kitchen services.