MediaNama invites you to apply for a curated and invite-only #NAMAprivacy discussion on ‘The Future of User Data in India, 10:00am onwards on the 6th of September 2017 at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi.

Please click here to apply.

Privacy in India has been at the centre of much debate over the past year, and at the core of it are four types of stakeholders: users who want more control over how their data is collected, stored, used and shared, and large businesses, government and startups, who are collecting, storing and sharing more user data than ever before. Privacy is also the most requested topic in our post-event feedback forms.

Users need to protect their data to protect their individual freedoms, and would like greater limitations on practices that make them more vulnerable. The government wants to create data repositories for improving decision making, and reducing the cost of doing business for entities that rely on data, and also get more data faster on people being surveilled. Businesses want to improve services, make them more personalised, and allow external development of apps and products to build a wider consumer ecosystem.

With two consultations in progress: one at the TRAI and another yet to begin at MEITY, there’s a need for a nuanced debate on challenges, global best practices, and an approach for India, in a manner that protects user rights, but also doesn’t leave businesses hamstrung. We’re looking at a perspective that covers policy, legal, business and technology perspectives.

We’re doing a mix of a panel and open discussion format, for a day long deep-dive event. The discussion is likely to cover the following points, among others:

– User rights and identifying liability for APIs, shared data and data in transit
– Regulating storage and hosting of data, and jurisdictional challenges
– Differential Privacy and anonymity
– The advent of blockchain
– Has the consent mechanism failed?
– App stores, apps and determining responsibility and liability
– A workable framework for permissions
– Data retention and purpose limitation
– Dark web and challenges
– State access to data: encryption, backdoors and establishing accountability.

We’re adding more discussion points as we go along, so please do suggest more ideas in the application form. We’re also looking for potential speakers for the panels.

Note that this is a curated event, with active audience participation, and selection will be based on potential contribution to the discussion.

We’re looking at an audience of around 120 people across:

– Policy wonks and Think Tanks
– Startups that use APIs
– Large Internet businesses that collect and store data
– Telecom Operators and ISPs
– Datacenter and Hosting businesses
– Government and Regulatory Executives
– Members of Parliament and their representatives
– Technology Executives
– Journalists

To attend, please click here to apply.

In case you fit with our mandate for a curated audience, we’ll send you a confirmed invite by the 31th of August. Your contact information will never be shared with anyone outside of MediaNama.

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