Points to note from JustDial’s earnings conference call for Q1-FY17. The results coverage here.

The numbers from JustDial

  • JustDial’s Unique visitors crossed 100 million per quarter. Unique visitors witnessed 32.5% YoY growth and about 16% sequential growth.
  • Total app downloads went up by about 50% YoY to a gross level of 15.4 million.
  • Daily downloads were up over to 50% YoY.
  • Total active listing stood at 18.8 million as on quarter end.
  • About 900,000 plus listings were added to the database during the quarter.
  • 40% plus listings are geo-coded as on 30th June.
  • Total images in listing stood at 35.6 million.

1. Price hikes: Chief financial officer Abhishek Bansal said that JustDial took a decision to increase the entry level price of in some cities.  “So, our key objective to our sales team was that since we have taken price hikes, please ensure that we are able to maintain our campaigns or grow our campaigns.”  JustDial hopes that the increase in price for some cities will have better realizations in revenue for the company.

The pricing also varies for categories: Bansal explained that JustDial has different pricing for geographies and products.

“Within the same product, it also varies by various key words. So, in Mumbai, suppose there is a Movers and Packers or… Out there we would have strong pricing power. We would want to monetize it the way we want whereas what keywords such as chemists, grocery stores, tailors, cobblers, who would not be willing to pay say Rs. 2000 or Rs. 3000 per month entry level price, we are fine having them in our pay ecosystem at even Rs. 1000 per month,” he added.

2. Categories which are working: “The Top 11 cities contribute now about 78-79% of the revenue. Rest of the Tier 2, Tier 3 cities contributed 21-21.5% of the revenue this particular quarter. In terms of verticals, there hasn’t been much change. Key categories continue to be Movers and Packers, pest control services, real estate agents, dermatologist, car hire, etc.”

3. On Google: Note that JustDial has gone on record to say that Google is their biggest competition in the Indian market. But right now, the company seems to be softening its stance and is open to collaborations with Google. “Okay, you might call Just Dial and Google as competitors but I also look both of them as collaborators as well. Our database of 18.8 million listings, obviously, it is exposed to Google as well. So, when you search any particular category in an area, though you have paid ads coming on top, Just Dial results are also coming in which also enhances user’s experience on Google’s portal as well,” CFO Bansal said.

However, JustDial CEO and managing director VSS Mani mentioned that its dependency on Google is reducing. He mentioned that direct site traffic was 11%. “. Now it has gone up to 15%, which we feel is a big achievement just in three months, you know. And if we continue to do that consistently, we should be able to secure ourselves by getting data traffic,” he added.

4. Meta search engine: Mani added that JustDial is trying to become meta search engine and is increasing capabilities on providing reviews & ratings and price comparisons.”So that being the focus area. I think we will be able to differentiate a bit from Google with the way they are structured right now—you know—with the ads word result showing right on top. This is actually you’re getting relevant results with comparable reviews and ratings, plus you get price comparisons,” he explained.

5. Chat: “In terms of products, we are internally working on messenger which could help connect our particular SMEs with buyers on real times. So, you would possibly see that particular product being rolled out soon. In terms of products, we will be able to provide text chatting, video chatting, etc. It will have all such capabilities,” Bansal said on the call.

6. On delivery: “No. I don’t think we will ever do delivery because we did have our pilots done last year sometime around this time only. And we found that it is too cumbersome and too difficult business to do,” Mani said.

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