Cardiotrack, a startup which claims to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predicting and diagnosing cardiac diseases, disorders and ailments has tied up with Columbia Asia Hospitals in Bangalore. The hospital will be using Cardiotrack’s hand-held devices which use a patient’s historical ECG data to predict heart condition. The machine processes this ECG data using AI algorithms for cardiac prediction.

Apart from this, the company has an IoT platform which provides cardiac monitoring through Android-based smartphones. The data is captured and shared with both patients and doctors in real-time allowing immediate intervention in case something goes wrong. 

How it works

ECG data of a patient is captured in real-time using 12 leads and the results are displayed on the (handheld) device screen along with the option to take printouts through a Bluetooth connection. The data is stored on cloud along with the additional features to share it with family members and other heart specialists. Cardiac and health data captured by the device is also used for research-based analytics and can be deployed for targeted medical interventions, the company said in a statement.

Speaking with MediaNama Avin Agarwal, co-founder of Cardiotrack said that Columbia Asia owned primary clinics will also have the device in their centres. However, it is not clear how ECG data from patients is being used as the only input for the AI to predict heart conditions. Agarwal added that the aim is to ease diagnosis even without a specialist in place. Note that the doctor-to-patient ratio is pretty low in India, and AI might help solve pre-diagnosis. But it is to be stressed that, AI application in healthcare should be seen as secondary in a country like India; the post -diagnosis and care must be given by doctor or specialist in charge. 

Funding and tie ups

Cardiotrack was founded in February 2014 by Ashim Roy and Avin Agarwal. Initially founded in India, the company is now based in Singapore with its research and development office in Bangalore. Cardiotrack has been backed by angel investors from Singapore, North America, and India with a total equity investment of $650,000 till date. Cardiotrack has collaborated with the French AI company Cardiologs and Cook Medical of USA to develop its devices and software

Besides India, the startup has deployments in countries such as Mexico, Myanmar, Indonesia and USA. The company is now looking to expand in other  Asian, African and Latin American markets.

GOQii’s health care tracker

Cardiotrack will somewhat compete with fitness tracker GOQii’s new service, GOQii Heart Care, which allows customers to connect to cardiovascular specialists through the GOQii application. The company also has the GOQii tracker which allows measurement of heart rate in real-time. GOQii’s hospital partner Max Hospital connects customers to doctors for diagnosis and care.

Note: The story has additional reporting content from Rashi Varshney