Fitness tracker and wearables maker GOQii has released two new updates—GOQii Arena and GOQii Referee—to its platform. ‘Arena’ is an online community that helps GOQii users to connect with other users, while ‘Referee’ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based feature which allows users to scan food items and get nutrition details. ‘Arena’ can also be used to a create group of people with like-minded fitness goals, share images, activity,  and post challenges to each other online.

On the other hand, GOQii Referee accepts images of food dishes and returns back nutrition information by applying image recognition algorithms. Currently, Referee provides information about Indian and Continental cuisines. Expanding on the reason behind the launch, Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder, GOQii said: “One of the feedback that we constantly received from our players was how it was cumbersome to type food intake on a daily basis and log.” It is not clear how many food items/dishes Referee will support; the company might train the AI to add more dishes in the future. As pointed out by Gondal, the food recognition feature not only serves as visual search and discovery service, but also as a personal log. Referee records your food habits on a daily basis, and this log can be viewed manually to keep track of calorie intake.

But this isn’t the first time that a company has used image processing for visual search. Google already provides this via Image search capabilities on desktop and phone. Google also recently rolled out Google Lens, a mobile app which recognizes what a user is pointing their device at, and provides input based on machine learning and variables such as location. Google Lens is also a significant update to Google Goggles, a similar outdated photo search app that Google launched back in 2014.

Other GOQii products

Apart from this, GOQii is also offering a number of services to its users via its fitness platform:

  • GOQii Heart Care: Launched in February, the heart care update allows customers to connect to cardiovascular specialists through the GOQii application and has a new GOQii tracker with capabilities to measure heart rate. GOQii’s hospital partner Max Hospital connects customers to doctors.
  • NFC Payments: In August 2016, the company had introduced payments via NFC, health reports and diagnostics on GOQii’s second version of its fitness tracker. The company had also tied-up with Thyrocare as their diagnostics partner. For NFC payments, it partnered with Axis Bank.
  • Fitness platform: GOQii had officially launched its fitness solution in India in August 2015, after debuting it on a limited pilot basis in February the same year. The platform provided a fitness band, online coaches, and a social platform for GOQii users. Later in March 2015, GOQii had launched a ‘coach’ marketplace model, wherein users can hire coaches offline irrespective of their location.