Looks like Apple Music now has a new annual subscription plan priced at $99, reports The Verge. In India, the equivalent annual plan is priced at Rs 1200. This is an individual plan, and adds on to the other existing subscription plans – individual (monthly) plan priced at $9.99 or Rs 120, family plan (monthly) priced at $14.99 or Rs 190, and student plan (monthly) priced at $4.99 or Rs 60. So, subscribers can save $20.88 or Rs 240 by opting for the annual plan.

Note that only existing Apple Music subscribers can avail this plan. To access it you have to click on Apple ID in the App Store app, enter password and click on View Apple ID>Subscriptions>Apple Music Membership.

Earlier, one could purchase a $99 Apple Music gift card for an annual subscription, but now the option is available in the app.

Currently, Apple Music has 27 million paid subscribers, up from over 20 million paid subscribers in December 2016, and 17 million subscribers in September 2016. Apple Music, which debuted on June 30, 2015 worldwide and on July 1 the same year in India, combines music downloads, radio streaming and music streaming in a single app.

P2P payments on Apple Pay

Earlier this month, Apple announced that Apple Pay will enable person-to-person (P2P) payments in the coming iOS 11 later this year. Apple Pay will also be incorporated into its messaging service, iMessage. It’s worth noting that Apple extended iMessage for businesses to communicate with potential users and vice-versa. However, iMessage for businesses is currently in preview mode for developers and users.

For Apple Pay to offer P2P payments in India, it will either have to integrate with the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), like Samsung Pay, or get a wallet license, like Amazon did for Amazon Pay.