Air travelers might soon have to share a digital unique ID such as Aadhaar, PAN, and passport number among others, at the time of booking tickets. At present, air travelers are required to furnish a physical copy of their unique ID at the time of entering the airport and during check-in, but don’t need it while booking tickets. Note that as per this proposal, sharing Aadhaar number will not be mandatory, but one of the options.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has set up a Digital Traveler Working Group, which will table suggestion on implementing this. Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha said that the implementation of the national no-fly list was one of the reasons for this proposal.



But this is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg: The Ministry of Civil Aviation has contracted Wipro Technologies to, among other things, evaluate the prospect of developing a platform that will utilize passenger’s Aadhaar-based biometric information during check-in processes across all airports in the country.

A report shared by Sinha mentions the following in regards to Aadhaar:


  • One time Aadhaar linking to airlines & ecosystem players using blockchain technology.
  • Ecosystem players will authenticate a transaction via Aadhaar based biometric validation.
  • Cab services/airport transit can be booked while booking the flight and linked to Aadhaar for information dissemination and validation purposes.
  • Passengers can check-in for their respective flights en route to the airport via Aadhaar enabled biometric authentication system.
  • Aadhaar-linked ecosystem players to reach out to passengers with specific promotional offers via app prompts.

At the Airport

  • Airport entry via Aadhaar informs the airlines and checks-in the passenger automatically.
  • No check-in counters for Aadhaar-powered flyers, only dedicated baggage drop zones.

Post Landing

  • Single point Aadhaar-based immigration checkpoints for Indian residents.
  • Biometric enabled updates to immigration records.

An team formed at Wipro Product Engineering Services is studying the viability of these services, while the ecosystem players currently onboard are Paytm, Uber and iSpirit.

Besides this the report also outlines several other digitally augmented services for passengers during the entire flying experience, starting from booking tickets to feedback channels after the flight. Take a look at these slides from the above mentioned report: