Kamlesh Vaswani, the lawyer whose efforts led to a brief ban of hundreds of pornographic websites (called #PornBan), is back. This time, he’s representing a 16-year-old from Kota, Rajasthan, filing an affidavit, as LiveLaw reported, in the Supreme Court demanding a total ban on online pornography. The student, Akash Narwala, is a self-described anti-rape activist who says he was “disgusted” by his classmates and juniors browsing porn online, after which he sought out Vaswani.

Here are some interesting excerpts from the affidavit:

Pornographic Videos, films and pictures are easily accessible through the internet now-a-days and as a result, I have observed that kids of my age i.e., teenagers are getting distracted and addicted to watching porn which is detrimental for their progress.

Curiously, the affidavit seems to define ‘child pornography’ as the act of children watching porn, as opposed to pornography featuring minors.

Child Pornography is banned throughout the world. Children below the age of eighteen are addicted to watching porn. A Child watching Hard Core Porn is not desirable for the proper growth of personality of that particular Child. So, this aspect of Child as a viewer of porn has to be dealt with as urgently as a child as an actor … Children of my age i.e. teenagers are getting distracted by porn and their minds are becoming perverted and corrupted.

This is one sentence:

The easy availability of porn by way of internet leads to children i.e. teenagers to go astray from their studies and other recreational activities, and children become curious about sex and this unnecessary sexual awareness and exposure makes their minds perverted due to which they can become sex maniacs and indulge in wrong behavior that is detrimental to their progress and the progress of the society as a whole.


I being a social worker associated with many social organisations state that the increase in sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, molestation, juvenile delinquency is directly a result of the indecent representation of women in many porn sites which is sickening.

On sex education:

There is an immediate need to inculcate sex education in the curriculum in order to prevent the development of wrong notions about sexuality among adolescents. But, urgently porn sites available through the internet must be completely banned for the sake of proper and balanced growth of personality of adolescents.


John woods, Child therapist, reported one of his patients, a 13-year old boy, had raped his 5-year old sister. The boy had been viewing pornography for two years. In our digital world, a high percentage of children get their “Sex education” by viewing pornography. Pornography implicitly promotes a self-centered view of sexuality. Onscreen, loving relationships do not exist.

Another single sentence:

I being a teenager and a young man myself am of the firm opinion that the easy availability of porn through the internet in this country is a serious impediment in the progress of this nation as a whole new generation of youth are adversely affected leading to perversion of youth, loss of moral and spiritual values among them which if not checked can lead to total lack of productivity, rise in sex crimes, matrimonial disputes at a later stage, loss of family values and a state of doom would then set in leading to total and complete disaster.

And for all these reasons,

pornography available through the internet must be completely blocked for good.