The Indian PC industry has revived from the effect of demonization in Q1 2017, posting a 12.5% QoQ growth in terms of overall shipments, research firm IDC said in its Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker report. The industry shipped 2.16 million units during the first quarter of the year, up 8.5% YoY.  In the previous quarter, PC shipments dipped 23.4% QoQ to 1.92 million units. Shipments also dropped by 15.2% in CY 2016 when compared to CY 2015.

Shipments by Industry category                                               

The consumer PC market shipped 1.05 million units in Q1 2017, which is up 14.5% YoY and 19.4% QoQ. The consumer segment was hit by demonetization and inflation in the previous quarter, with shipments declining 12.9% YoY. However, IDC said that “post demonetisation, (the consumer) market observed an upbeat demand owing to an optimistic shift in discretionary spending from consumers in the first quarter of 2017.

On the other hand, the commercial PC market shipped 1.11 million units during Q1 2018, which is an increase of 6.7% QoQ and 3.3% YoY. The commercial segment, however, had a lower impact from demonetization in the previous year, supported by a higher aggregate demand coming from the enterprise market.

Laptops: The consumer notebook or laptop segment accounted for a majority (38.4%) of PC shipment in India during Q1, which in up from a 36.8% share that it held in the previous quarter. Commercial Notebook shipments accounted for 26.4% of shipments in India during Q1, down from a 22.0% market share in the previous quarter.

Desktops: The consumer desktop segment accounted for a minority share of just 10% of the shipments in Q1, which increased from an 8.9% market share in the previous quarter. The commercial desktop segment, accounted for 28.2% of overall PC shipments in India during Q1 2017, up from 26.4% market share in Q4 2015.

Top three vendors

Hewlett Packard’s (HP) PC shipments accounted for a majority (29.5%) of the overall shipments by vendors during Q1. The company’s shipments grew by 5.8% when compared to the previous quarter.

Dell had a 22.5% market share during Q1, with shipments growing 19.9% when compared to the previous quarter.

Lenovo took the third spot with a 17.7% market share in Q1 2017, with shipments growing by 16.9% points when compared to Q4 2016.