Pankaj Pachauri’s mobile news platform Go News has joined the National Broadcasters Association (NBA), Exchange4Media reports. The NBA is an industry association whose members are usually large TV news channels. Pachauri said that Go News is the first digital news platform to join the NBA and that the membership rules had to be amended for his channel to be permitted to join. He told MediaNama that he joined Go News because he wanted to join the self-regulatory professional standards that the NBA had voluntarily created.

Pachauri is a journalist and former anchor at NDTV, following which he worked as a communications advisor for the Prime Minister’s Office under Manmohan Singh.

“I was involved when NBA was established — when it was set up under Justice JS Verma,” Pachauri told MediaNama. “So I was part of the team of editors who he consulted. […] It was set up to fend away the criticism that we were facing at that time that television broadcasters are irresponsible.”

“We have decided to adhere to NBA guidelines for ethics and broadcasting,” he said. “We want to become a part of a self-regulatory system. We want to be a responsible media company, and this is the only regulatory system available. It was started by the news broadcasters’ industry.”

Pachauri said that he approached the government to ask if Go TV would need to be registered, but they said that since it was digital, there was no need for him to do so.

Growth plans

On Go TV’s growth plans, he said “We are still on beta, putting out 10-15 videos a day on our app. We are going to launch a website soon, it should be up by the end of June. We’ll be doing a lot of long-format video [content].” Asked if he was considering running a live feed continuously throughout the day, Pachauri said, “Yes, that’s the ultimate plan.”