Bus aggregator Abhibus has started an entertainment product called Abhimovies where travelers can stream a catalog of movies without the need to connect to the Internet. Abhibus COO Biju Mathews said that the buses will be fitted with a device which acts as a hotspot and where travelers can connect via WiFi. This is similar to a LAN network but users will not be able to connect to the Internet.

The movie catalog is stored locally on the device and once the user connects to the network, it launches an app where they can browse through the collection and stream movies. Once the vehicle reaches a bus terminal, the device connects to a high -speed router which will refresh the catalog for the next journey, Mathews said. Bus operator can offer this product via Abhibus EDGE, the cloud-based software for operators to manage inventory, bus tracking facility and detailed reports to take greater over business control.

Abhibus currently has a catalog of 1,500 movies. “Right now they are south Indian movies – Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies etc. But we will be expanding to Hindi movies as well,” Mathews added. He added that Abhimovies is running on 100 buses as a pilot and will expand to 2,000 buses later. “It will be offered to all travelers on the bus now, but later access will be given to customers who book a ticket through Abhibus,” Mathews said.


Note that this is similar to Fropcorn, a service that lets users connect to its WiFi at the airport, from where users can quickly download movies and other content to watch on the go. Users will need the platform’s app before being able to download these movies. The movies are available for a set price, and after paying, users are able to download the movie apparently within 3 minutes. The service is live in the Hyderabad International Airport in the security hold area of the domestic terminal.