The Indian startup culture has boomed enormously in the last five years. While every idea finds its way through the initial issues pertaining to space, expansion and investments; startups today are immensely blessed to have amazing opportunities to network.

While networking over coffee in cafes, or virtually on social media through groups prove to be immensely conducive, what the startup culture needs now is a event that brings together various startups and investors to experiment, evolve, learn and unlearn.

Which is why ah! Ventures came up with the idea of STARup 2017, a one of its kind event that brings together startups and investors under one roof to have brainstorming sessions and discussions pertaining to the startup culture.

With a new startup being born every minute, India seems to have not only welcomed the startup culture with open arms, but also worked immensely to encourage new talents, ideas, and concepts, and turn them into reality. Yet, every business ought to hit a dead end now and again. Startups especially need constant support, encouragement and new ideas to stay upgraded and updated in the game, because the competition is fierce, fierce beyond one’s imagination. All the scattered efforts to make your brand a successful one needs to be directed in one direction which is why we have some amazing speakers on the panel to do the job.

For better feasibility and convenience we have divided the event into various tracks. The tracks that will be majorly covered at STARup 2017 are, FinTech, Health Tech, Edu Tech, Emerging Tech, clean Tech, FoodTech and Logistics and Robotics and Al.

STARup 2016 was a huge success that brought together some firepower investors, enablers and startups and got them to network like never before.

We hope to witness even greater enthusiasm and participation this year, thereby making it an even more successful event. We believe starup has the potential to bring the startup family together and solidify the very foundation of the startup culture in India.

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