Online fashion retailer Yepme has partnered with Amazon for selling its goods in international markets under Amazon’s Global Selling Program. This will initially include the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain from the 5th of March, while the US will be included by the end of this month. The company mentions that it will list over 2700 products in categories like apparel, footwear and accessories.

Note that Yepme had started targeting global markets back in 2014, and had created a new website, which would act as a test-marketing site for international buyers. While the website is still online, it continues to only sell in the US and has not really looked to expand beyond.

The more recently launched Amazon’s global selling program which enables Indian sellers and manufacturers to sell internationally on its platform, is likely a better solution for the company. Amazon provides sellers with Selling on Amazon (SOA) and Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) services, which will let manufacturers and sellers to store their products in Amazon’s warehouse, taking responsibility of packing and delivering the order to customers, as well as handling customer service and returns. Additionally, it does not charge sellers for product listings or any upfront cost to setup the store.

Amazon also claims to have a global selling team that will help sellers familiarize themselves with local preferences and demand patterns of the country they want to sell in and help with discoverability of their products. The company has also tied up with various third party service providers like tax consultants, compliance experts and logistics partners, to help sellers comply with export norms and export duties etc.

Yepme should find international expansion easier when all it has to do is list products, rather than setup infrastructure from scratch. That said, Amazon has cleverly exploited the infrastructure it has setup – its storefront enables merchants to target international clients at little additional cost, its cloud platform, initially meant to host the ecommerce behemoth, now supports over 1000 services, including AWS IoT, load balancing, storage, data pipelines, data warehousing, push messaging services, etc.