App usage on phablets in India grew 43% Y-o-Y. India has been outpacing the United States in terms of market share for phablets with 61% (the US has a market share of 48%), a report from Yahoo-owned Flurry Analytics said. Flurry Analytics defines devices with a screen size of 5-6.9 inches.  The study was conducted with data gleaned from across 147 million devices across India.

Key app trends noticed from India:

  • Fastest growing app categories: The top 3 categories of app with the fastest growth were music, media and entertainment app category with an increase of 188% Y-O-Y, business and finance with an increase of 176% Y-O-Y; and utilities and productivity app category with an increase of 99% Y-O-Y.
  • While gaming saw the least growth with 8% increase Y-O-Y, personalisation apps saw a decrease of 32%.
  • Time spent: The peak time for app usage in India is at 9PM IST.
  • Time spent consuming content on social and messaging apps has increased by 38.5% Y-O-Y from 96 minutes in Q3 2015 to 133 minutes in Q3 2016.

  • Devices and brands: As of Q4 2016, 44% of the users owned a medium phone, 41% owned a phablet, 8% owned full-size tablets, 6% owned small tablets and 1% owned small phones.
  • According to the data gleaned for the study, the top 3 brands owned by users were Samsung with 40%, 8% owned Micromax followed by Redmi and HTC, both with 7% users. Other brands owned by users studied included Lenovo, Motorola, Apple, Asus, Vivo, Gionee, Sony and Oppo.

  • Apps and devices: Utilise and productivity apps are most used on phablets (63%) followed by medium phones (32%), small tablets (3%) and both full-size tablets and small phones with 1%.
  • Messaging and social apps are most used on medium phones (58%), phablets (40%) and both small tablets and full-size tablets with 1%.