Online cab aggregators Ola and Uber’s problems continue to mount. On Friday, drivers from both Ola and Uber took to the streets to protest reducing income, penalties and reducing incentives from the companies, reports the Hindustan Times. The strike was led by the Action Committee of Maharashtra against Ola and Uber and threatened to go on an indefinite strike from March 21.

The report added that the protesting drivers also took issue to the recently passed Maharashtra City Taxi Rules which limit surge pricing for cabs. It added that 30,000 drivers were on the streets and had switched off their apps and not accept rides coming from Ola and Uber.

The strike seems affected commuters in Mumbai. Many took to Twitter when they were unable to get a cab or showed a surge in pricing due to unavailability of taxis.

Spokespersons for Ola and Uber did not comment immediately on the protests.

Meanwhile, drivers in Bangalore extended their protests in Bangalore over falling earnings, increased commissions charged by Ola and Uber, and increased hours of working. There were similar protests in Delhi and Hyderabad over the last few months.

Last month,  the News Minute reported that an Uber driver in Hyderabad committed suicide in Hyderabad as he was unable to pay EMIs on his vehicle. Praveen Kumar consumed poison after he was unable to pay his EMI of Rs 27,000 for four months. The report added that he was able to make only Rs 21,000 after working for more than 21 hours. FactorDaily also documented the fate of a Ola driver who tried to consume as he was unable to pay his EMIs on his car.