A report titled ‘Internet in India 2016’ by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) jointly published by the IMRB, mentions that the number of internet users in India is expected to reach between 450-465 million by June 2017. It adds that the country had 432 million mobile internet users in December 2016, of which 269 million, or 62.3% were from urban India and 163 million, or 37.7% were from rural India.

According to the report, 51% of urban Internet users or 137.19 million use internet daily, while 90% of urban Internet users or 242 million use the internet at least once a month. On the other hand, in rural India, 78 million users or around 48% use the internet daily, while 140 million, or around 83% use the internet at least once a month.

The report mentions that internet growth in India is currently fuelled by the rural sector, with the urban user base starting to show signs of levelling out. Overall, urban India has around 60% internet penetration, compared to rural India, which has only 17% internet penetration out of a potential 903 million strong user base.

Demographics and gender:

By gender, 40% of daily internet users from urban areas consisted of females, where are only 25% of daily internet users from rural areas were females. However, both urban and rural India show almost similar ratios of working and non-working women registering as daily internet users.

Overall, according to the report, young men and college going students are the primary users of the internet.