The Indian Government has launched an open collaborative development platform called OpenForge, for the development of e-governance applications. The portal can be used by open source developers, governments, startups, academia/students, corporations, industries, scientific institutions.

Essentially, anyone with interest can sign up on the portal for free. It currently lists various projects like result framework management system, Aadhaar, unified payment interface, Open Street Maps, a full stack web application framework called Frappe, DigiLocker, open learning system, and even tutorials like programming for beginners.

OpenForge, like GitHub, provides developers with tools for application lifecycle management, source code management, version control, shared ‘code snippets’, release management, bug tracking, task and project management tools, user management, and communication tools like discussion forums, mailing lists, project wikis and document manager. The platform also supports Git, enabling developers to develop on separate repositories or even access using OpenForce or other Git tools.

Open source in e-governance: The Government has been looking to focus on using open source technologies to develop e-governance platforms, and this platform will help reduce redundancy is work done, as well as get more developers involved to work on shared projects. Additionally, allowing private players to participate and fork projects could spur innovation in e-governance, while also allowing easier reusability of code for different government agencies to do the same tasks.