Facebook and TLabs accelerator have partnered up to help internet and mobile startups in India. As a part of the partnership, Facebook will provide FbStart referral codes to TLabs for use by the latter’s mobile portfolio companies.

The companies will also co-host multiple events for solving startup issues around user experience, analytics, app installs, monetization etc. Via FbStart, these startups will receive ad credits from Facebook and benefits from 30 other partners like AWS, Dropbox, SalesForce and MailChimp. Additionally, Facebook mentions that the startups will get support and mentorship from its product experts.

Note that Facebook had claimed to have distributed $50 million worth of tools, services and other benefits to developers in the Asia Pacific region through its FbStart program, back in 2015. The platform offers various tracks (Pre-launch, Bootstrap, Accelerate) and packages (Games etc) to developers that are selected. The developers are then placed into the track most relevant to their stage of development, a factor decided by Facebook.

TLabs on the other hand, is a startup accelerator and an early stage seed fund for Indian internet and mobile technology startups. The platform offers a program spread over 16 weeks, broken down in 4 sections. This includes hypothesis development, deep validation, strategic direction + traction, and finally business and financial planning. The accelerator currently lists over 50 startups, including startups like Inshorts, hover, Happay, Vidooly, Mobapper etc., which have participated in its accelerator over the last few years.