Defence IoT startup CRON Systems has signed a technology pact with Israel’s Automotive Robotic Industry for integrating ARI rovers with CRON’s laser-guided surveillance systems. The system is aimed at targeting the border security market globally.

The laser guided system essentially works on spotting intrusions via  integrated detection and fencing solutions comprising of laser walls, surveillance drones, and a command & control dashboard connected with an independent and encrypted communication network. The collaboration will allow it to use ARI’s all terrain waterproof automated rover for rushing to the intrusion site for further investigation.

Note that the company claims that it has also bagged orders from the BSF and the Indian army for border surveillance. It mentions that it has currently setup at least 30 pilot programs for BSF in Punjab and Jammu to demonstrate its technology. It’s also worth noting that the company offers its services for any sort of fencing, although an automated bot for response will not be required for a company or group level organization. Founded in 2015, the Delhi-based startup had previously raised an undisclosed amount of funding from YourNest.

This partnership is a part of a trend we are going to see as connected devices start becoming a norm. Companies that traditionally offer services outside of connected applications, tying-up with services that build, or work based on connected devices. In this case, CRON will be able to use the sensory data it gathers to deliver relevant information for the automated rover to work on, eliminating the need for direct human intervention in high risk areas.