Airbnb has launched its Trips platform in Delhi, as a part of its expansion of Trips to 50 cities globally this year, adding 15 bookable local experiences in Delhi. Note that Trips is available only on the Airbnb app.

Trips, which was launched in November last year, is a massive expansion of Airbnb’s mandate beyond just places to stay, looking into three aspects: Experiences (activities), Places (recommendations of things to do, like Tripadvisor does), and Homes (stays). We checked, and the Airbnb app, for Delhi, lists the following experiences, among others:

  • Coffee Culture, hosted by Krittivas, is about the culture of coffee in India, and is priced at Rs 2125 per person, for two hours.
  • Foraging for lunch: involves picking wild edibles for lunch from Lodhi Gardens and then going to a restaurant to cook them; a total of 5 hours, at Rs 2970 per person.
  • Design: The experience of designer duo Shantanu and Nikhil taking participants through the evolution of a designer garmet from its ideation and design to a final showcase on the runway at their Noida workshop. This is priced at Rs 18700 per person, and is a 3 hour activity
  • Jazz: Anindo Bose and Pavitra Chari, a jazz-classical duo Shadow and Light, will “host a three-hour session of songwriting and music production for their guests. Sharing their own experience of writing original songs, guests can get inspired by the enchanting blend of Classical Indian and Western music.” This is priced at Rs 2975, for 3 hours.
  • Photography: “Aditya, a professional photographer for over three decades, will give guests a tour of his museum, Museo Camera, which showcases over 1500 cameras. After treating his guests to a cup of chai, he will walk them through the transition photography has seen over the last 170 years, unravel stories of the most iconic cameras and more. Guests can take home a salt print of a desired image with them.” This is priced at Rs 1530 for 2 hours.
  • Sari draping: For Rs 4250, the Sari School offers a 3 hour experience, which includes an introduction to Sari’s, their history, and also hand-spinning and hand-weaving, along with the experience of draping a sari in 4 different regional styles.

Trips combines pretty much what most travelers intend to do, because it allows Airbnb to aggregate more than just hotels, including tours, experiences, flights, trip recommendations, booking restaurants. While it only has 15 experiences so far, Airbnb is looking to sign up more in Delhi.