Bangalore based health technology startup SigTuple has raised $5.8 million in a Series A round of funding led by Accel Partners and participation from IDG Ventures, Endiya Partners, pi Ventures, VH Capital and Axilor Partners and other individual investors like Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal and Amit Singhal.

SigTuple will use the funding for expanding its team, improving the security of its platform and product, for marketing and regulatory clearances for global markets.The company had previously raised $740,000 in October 2015 from Accel Partners, and a group of individual investors.

The startup currently builds products for automated analysis of medical images and data to help with diagnosis. This includes Manthana, a medical intelligence platform, that consists of a data and machine learning backend combined with an real time reporting and API platform to offer analytics across data sets. As of now Manthan provides solutions for automated analysis of peripheral blood smear, urine and semen sample, retinal scans and chest x-rays. Additionally, a solution for blood, Shonit, has undergone clinical trials and is awaiting approval.

Medical field is a natural extension for machine learning and automated analysis, and could potentially speed up tedious tasks of finding anomalies in standard, but intricate biological systems. Other than for advertising, analytics has increasingly seen real world offline applications like health monitoring, vehicle tracking etc., and is a natural fit for the wide standardized datasets that the field of medicine offers. We expect we will soon see more startup venturing into professional, automated analysis in the medical field.