Media company ScoopWhoop has launched ScoopWhoop Pulse, a dashboard that gives viewers and brands real-time insights into stories, ideas and topics that are being read and talked about.

The company mentions that it receives over 30 million visitors per month, and it will create realtime lists based on this data to find the most popular content based on age, city, and interests like entertainment, sports, life, travel etc. The platform, available here, lets users sort data based on gender, city, age group and categories of topics. Note that ScoopWhoop only lists the top 10 stories in each category, so the data is not too complete. It’s not clear if ScoopWhoop will also look to eventually monetize these services, by offering analytics regarding its audiences to third parties.

Interestingly, while the portal worked for us yesterday, the public dashboard link currently displays as Error 404 not found. It’s not clear if ScoopWhoop took the section down due to some issues, or its down for maintenance. We have written to the company for more details, and will update when we hear back.

Note that ScoopWhoop recently acqui-hired video delivery and ad targeting platform Touchfone Technologies in a cash-and-stock deal. Post acquisition, Touchfone co-founders Mahesh Subramanian and Brahmayya Akella would be appointed as chief technology officer, and chief integration officer at ScoopWhoop respectively. At the time, the company said the acquisition would help it focus on personalization and monetization through user targeting.

Online-only publication also has a similar platform called SocialWire, that curates the top influential news stories of the day. The publication uses a collection of algorithms called the Scroll Machine to identify the most influential news stories from several social media platforms. The software will create a “list of influencers” curated by its editors, and identify the most influential stories by going through ‘hundreds of thousands of users, stories and shares’.