JioChat users can now transfer money directly to other users through chats. For this, Jio has integrated JioMoney with users’ JioChat accounts, the company announced in a tweet.

To use the feature, Jio has added a Rupee icon on the chat window, right next to the enter chat button. Tapping this displays the user’s JioMoney balance in addition to initiating the transaction. Users can then enter the amount and send it like a regular text message. To perform these P2P transactions, users will be first required to link their JioMoney account to JioChat, which can be done via an OTP. Note that both services should be provided the same phone number for the link to work.

As of now the feature is live on both iOS and Android and is available to all users, not just the ones using Jio SIM cards or its phones. Jio’s initiative is similar to Facebook allowing peer-to-peer money transfers over its Messenger application, which it launched in March 2015, although only for users in the US. Similarly, Freecharge introduced a new feature in May last year that let users send or receive money through WhatsApp.

Note that, HDFC Bank had also launched OnChat for payments through Facebook Messenger last month, but this allowed users to carry out bill payments and recharges, rather than transfer money to other users. Internationally, Walnut had partnered with Visa and ICICI Bank for P2P money transfers in August last year.