Xiaomi’s Global Vice President Hugo Barra will be leaving the company after his 3.5 year stint. Barra announced his departure in a tweet and according to his Facebook post he will remain as a shareholder and hold an advisory role with the company.

“I’ve realized is that the last few years of living in such a singular environment have taken a huge toll on my life and started affecting my health… what I consider to be my home, and my life are back in Silicon Valley…Seeing how much I’ve left behind these past few years, it is clear to me that the time has come to return,” he added in the post. However, Barra did not expand about his future career plans in Silicon Valley

Prior to joining Xiaomi in 2013, Barra worked with Google for more than 5 years holding various roles like Product Manager, VP for Android Product Management among others, according to his Linkedin profile.  He first joined Google in 2008 and is also an alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Under his global leadership, Xiaomi reportedly crossed $1 billion in revenue from its India operations. During Q2 2016, Xiaomi’s Mi Band shipments accounted for 10.3% of overall Indian wearable market. In Q3 2016, the company debuted among the top 5 smartphone vendors list (in terms of shipments) according to IDC. Apart from this, Xiaomi introduced two new flagship products (other than smartphones) in India during Barra’s stint with the company: the Mi VR, and Air Purifier 2.

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