Online cab aggregator Uber has introduced telelmatics features for drivers for predicting and preventing accidents and to track performance. The features are currently live in Bangalore and will now be made available to all drivers in 29 cities Uber is present in.

The features will provide daily reports to drivers on their driving patterns and how they compare to other drivers in the same city. Messages will also inform drivers about safety information like mounting the phone on the dashboard rather than holding it in the hand, and to take breaks after long journeys. The speed display on the app will also alert drivers about the speed of their vehicle.

Note that Uber had earlier launched similar features for fleet management through its app UberFLEET. The app allows ‘fleet partners’ – a partnership program between vehicle owners and Uber – to track their drivers via GPS, their performance on basis of weekly/daily trips, and total earnings that drivers make.  Uber’s rival Ola had launched a similar fleet management app ‘Ola Operator’ back in June, although it is yet to launch a solution for all drivers to track their own performance.

Uber has launched various initiatives for drivers in the last few months. In November, it expanded it driver rewards program to 7 Indian cities and started letting drivers rent and keep mobiles from SabRentKaro. In October the company tied up with Toyota Kirloskar Motor to provide a 90% on road financing package to its drivers. In September, Uber said drivers would get incentives for every extra ride they completed over the predetermined number of rides they had signed up for.