Practo has started integrating consent forms with its Practo Ray Tab product for doctors. The feature will be available at general, dental, dermatology and gynecology clinics, and will essentially digitize patient consent records, along with other health records.

Consent forms are signed by patients before undergoing major treatments or surgeries. Practo’s solution will allow clinics to customize the forms to their needs, and create different consent forms based on different treatments. Once signed and uploaded, the form will be accessible by both parties, but will not modifiable. The initiative will help ensure that doctors will have complete medical histories, including that of what the patient consented to, when reviewing patient records.

Practo Tab was launched back in 2014 as a practice management and appointment scheduling software for doctors and clinics. The company has subsequently added various features and the software now supports patient registration, feedback, schedule management, billing etc., which is uploaded online to make the data accessible anywhere.

Authority for patient data privacy:

With an increasing number of medical companies and labs digitizing their records for easier management, sometimes with disastrous consequences as in the case of the recent lab leaks, it’s become increasingly important to regulate the privacy and security of patient data. Last month, the Government said it would set up a National eHealth Authority for the promotion of eHealth standards, responsible for enforcing privacy and security measures for electronic health data, and to regulate storage and exchange of Electronic Health Records (EHR).