InMobi has entered into a strategic partnership with Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi for advertising on the latter’s devices, reports Sohu. The partnership will include InMobi integrating its mobile video advertising solutions with Xiaomi’s marketing platform for providing video ads on the latter’s phones.

As of now, Xiaomi mentions that it has over 200 million users worldwide, and 21 built in apps with over 200 ad slots. It mentions it will soon convert a majority of these ads to video ads. The partnership is long term and will cover future phones as well. It will also include publishing other ads like flow advertising, carousel advertising and open screen video ads.

Note that co-founder of InMobi Naveen Tewari recently said “moving visuals are going to be the most receptive technique to connect with our audience” and the current partnership is in line with this vision. Interestingly, he had added that “moving pictures will continue to fascinate people no matter what, though the device or the method in which they view it is transient,” hinting at venturing into video VR ads in the future.

This is InMobi’s second international partnership in as many months – last month, it had partnered with US based Tapjoy to monetize the latter’s mobile gaming apps like 8 Ball Pool, Criminal Case, Subway Surfer etc., in India. In 2015, InMobi had also partnered with Sky Media, the ad sales arm of telecom company Sky, to expand its offerings to advertisers and publishers in the UK. It had also partnered with payment companies Stripe, Alipay and Paytm to enable payments over its advertising discovery platform Miip.