Cisco has tied up with Genpact to launch a Global Center of Excellence in Jaipur as part of Cisco’s Lighthouse City project. The Center will be housed at Genpact’s facility and will allow partnering technology firms to implement smart city technology from Cisco.

Cisco’s Lighthouse City projects essentially look to build connected cities, with solutions like citywide WiFi, city traffic and parking management, solutions for residential areas and other services. Other than Jaipur the project is currently active in Hamburg in Germany, Barcelona in Spain and Adelaide in Australia.

Interestingly, the Genpact and Cisco have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Rajasthan for Genpact to use the data gathered from Cisco’s Smart + Connected Digital Platform (CDP), Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences and Video Surveillance Manager Solutions to “develop analytics-driven technology applications in the Center.” Given that such projects generate a lot of data, we feel this data should be public, or at the least its handling should be carefully monitored. However, it’s not clear what the current MoU entails.

The initial pilot projects to be carried out at the center will include real-time identification of vacant parking slots in the city, foot fall forecasting for timely optimization of promotional events, visitor pattern identification for public campaign efficacy, and real-time way-finding and tourist recommendations. It’s not clear where these projects will be implemented first or by when.

Note that Cisco has been pretty involved in smart city development in India. Last year, the company partnered with the Telangana Government to cooperate on various initiatives including Smart Cities, cyber security, Internet of Things, digitization of monuments and education and signed an MoU with the Andhra Pradesh Government to set up an Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation center in Visakhapatnam. Back in 2014, it tied-up with L&T to set up an Internet of Everything (IoE) solutions centre in Bangalore.