MediaNama invites you to apply for a curated #NAMAindic open house discussion on the “Future of Indic Languages”, hosted in partnership with Google. The session will be held at India Habitat Centre in Delhi, at 04:30 pm on the 13th of December 2016,

Please click here to apply.

With the advent of 4G, and Hindi and one Indic languages mandated for handsets, how will things change for content and services on Indic languages? Will advertising grow for Indic language publishers? Will more content be created in Indic languages? How have things changed over the past couple of years for Indic language publishers? What challenges do Indian apps and ecommerce companies face while introducing an Indic language interface? We aim to bring all major stakeholders to the discussion table to discuss the future of Indic languages in India.

The discussion will broadly cover the following issues:
01 The need for Indic languages and the impact of 4G on Indic language data consumption
02 Growth in Indic language consumption over the past two years: what changed?
03 Impact of regulatory changes for Indic languages
04 How are publishers driving discovery of Indic language content, and what they need
05 What advertisers want from Indic languages, and the difference between web and print for Indic language advertising.
06 What keeps ecommerce apps from going Indic? How is going Indic working for Payment apps?
07 Why we don’t have enough Indic language operating systems
08 Handset manufacturers and Indic languages

The session will be followed by dinner
Note that this is a curated event, and meant only for those who are already working in this domain. Every attendee will be a participant in this discussion.

We’re looking at an audience of around 50 people across:
– Publishers
– Advertisers
– Ecommerce companies
– Device manufacturers
– Developers

To attend, please click here to apply.

In case you fit with our mandate for a curated audience, we’ll send you a confirmed invite. Also, your contact information will never be shared with anyone outside of MediaNama.

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