Online food delivery app Runnr has launched a new service called ‘Runnr Meals’ for corporates in Bangalore and Mumbai. The company mentions this platform is designed to curate the meals according to the ordering patterns and preferences of a user.

According to Runnr, the meals have been designed with the help of nutritionists and will be curated from nearby restaurants. Users will be able to pre-order the meal box they like at anytime, although meals ordered before 12:30pm will be free of delivery charge. The meal delivery will be made between 1pm and 1:30pm to employees of participating corporates. The program is flexible and orders do not have to be placed everyday.

Other than this, the company mentions that users can choose from a variety of cuisines and that meals will start priced at Rs 70. Orders have to be placed online, and no cash payments will be accepted. The company does not have a minimum order size, and users will be allowed to track the delivery in real time.

Overall it seems like Runnr’s service aims to replace the office canteen, instead delivering preferred meals to corporate users that desire it on given days. This might also be more profitable for offices compared to running a full kitchen for employees. For Runnr, it gives a steady supply of orders from specific locations at specific times, making logistics easier to handle.

Runnr was founded in May this year, with the merger of online food delivery startup TinyOwl and logistics startup Roadrunnr. In June, the company launched in Mumbai. According to TinyOwl’s former CEO Harshvardhan Mandad, Runnr is expected to launch sequentially in 6 cities. While speaking to MediaNama, Mandad said that the company would have delivery control over its orders, unlike TinyOwl’s system where restaurants delivered food on their own.