Online content discovery platform Outbrain has signed an multi-year partnership with Deccan Herald to display its content as recommendations on other websites. The partnership will also include Deccan Herald using Outbrain’s solution to show ads on its website.


Nikhil adds: this is happening at a time when the role of promoted content networks is being questioned, when it comes to spreading fake news:


In India, Outbrain partners with various media agencies including The Indian Express, The Hindu, Viacom, Eenadu India, Sanjeev Kapoor and others. Last month, it signed a similar exclusive deal with to recommend Hindi content recommendations. It had also signed a multi-year deal with in July last year, with Times Internet in March last year, and renewed its partnership with Network18 in June the same year.

Outbrain offers two solutions called Amplify and Engage and claims to serve about 250 billion recommendations every month and reach 500 million unique consumers every month. Engage is a advertising software that displays both internal and external content to users visiting a site, while Amplify promotes the media company’s content on other publications. The company generates revenues on a cost-per-click basis when users click on external ads.

The company recently also launched another feature called “Outbrain for Chat”, a service that enables publishers to launch applications or content bots across the leading Messaging platforms. According to Outbrain, its chatbots are dynamic and learns over time, present users with the latest news and stories, based on an individual’s ‘Interest Graph’.