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The Department of telecom received bids worth Rs 60,969 crore after the telecom auctions concluded on the third day. Bids were placed across 17 rounds and more than 900 MHz of spectrum has been allocated till now. This means that at least 60% of the spectrum is unsold after 3 days of auctions. Note that a total of 2,354.55 megahertz of spectrum across 7 different bands is being auctioned off in this year, which is 5 times more than what government sold in 2015—418.05 MHz of spectrum.

In 2015 auctions, bids crossed Rs 60,000 crore on the first day itself; and by the 6th day, around 83% of the spectrum was allocated provisionally.

The premium 700 MHz and 900 MHz spectrum saw no takers for third day in a row. Most bids were placed on the 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz band. Following is a detailed report of each band, which includes the amount of spectrum sold, rise in prices, most active circles, etc.

800 MHz

After 17 rounds, telcos have placed bids worth 18 MHz for the 800 MHz band; a quantum of 73.75 MHz of spectrum is avail be for auctioning under this band.  The band received bids in 3 circles out of the 19 circles it is available in. Most bids were placed in Rajasthan circle, followed by Guarat and Punjab.

Gujarat circle had the highest increment in prices on the 3rd day for the 800MHz band, which stood at Rs 419.31 cr after 17 rounds of auctions. This is a 17% rise from the initial reserve price. Rajasthan circle had an increase of 7% from original reserve price, which stood at Rs 273.24 on the 3rd day. Punjab circle’s price increased to Rs 156.29 Cr, a 5% increase when compared to initial reserve price.

1800 MHz

This band remained most active  for the 3rd day in a row. After 17 rounds of auctions, telcos have placed bids worth 141 MHz for the band. A quantum of 219.6 MHz of the 1800 MHz band is available for this year’s auctions. Jammu and Kashmir circle received the most amount of bids on 3rday, closely followed by Assam and West Bengal. Around 18 circles received bids after 17 rounds of auctions; the band is available in 21 circles.

After 17 rounds of auctions, 6 circles witnessed an increase in prices under the 1800MHz:
-Mumbai circle’s prices went up by 48%
-UP (East) and UP (West) saw increment of 6% and 4% respectively
-Haryana circle’s prices went up by 4% to Rs 9,88 Cr on 3rd day
-Kolkata’s prices went up from Rs 29.8 Cr to Rs 30.23 Cr on 3rd day
-Prices in Rajasthan rose marginally from Rs 18.2 Cr to 18.28 Cr on 3rd day

2100 MHz

Telcos have placed bids worth 75 MHz of spectrum under the 2100 MHz band; a quantum of 360 MHz is available for sale. Out of the 22 circles, bids were places on 11 circles after 17 rounds of auctions. Bihar, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and UP (East) circle saw witnessed the highest demand. No price rise was recorded for a 3rd day in a row under the band.

2300 MHz

This band received the highest demand in Bihar, and Himachal Pradesh after 17 rounds. It received bids in 5 circles out of the 16 circles it is available in. This is equal to bids worth 70 MHz; a quantum of 320 MHz is put up for auctions.

Prices in Gujarat circle for the 2300 MHz band went up by 56% after 17 rounds, which hit Rs 611.8 Cr on the 3rd day. Prices increased in Kerala circle by 9% and in Maharashtra circle by 8% respectively.

2500 MHz

The band received lukewarm response on the third day in a row. Telcos have placed bids worth 85 MHz after 17 rounds; the band has a quantum of 300 MHz put up for sale. Telcos have placed bids in 12 circles, out of the 22 circles it is available in. Circles including Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kolkata, Gujarat, and Delhi saw the highest demand under the 2500 MHz band. No price rise was witnessed in this band.