According to’s Job Speak Index, an indicator of job listings on the portal, hiring activity in the ITES/BPO sector has grown by 20% year-on-year (YoY) by September 2016. The overall hiring activity on the portal grew by 5% YoY, however, hiring in IT-hardware decreased by 20% in the same period.

The index for September stood at 1888. Note that the index uses the total number of jobs posted in July 2008 scaled to 1000 as a base, and was realigned in December 2014, to take into account the jobs added by the telesales team. Although the tele-calling data is relatively small, Naukri says that the addition of the same to the index gives a more holistic picture of the Indian job market.

Sector wise: According to the report, jobs in IT-software and software services sector grew marginally by 6%, with the overall ITES/BPO/KPO sector seeing a growth of 26%. Banking and financial services jobs also grew by 25% year on year, while jobs in insurance grew the most at 43%. Infrastructure industries saw a decrease in jobs posed by 7% for construction, 19% for oil & gas/power, and 8% for industrial products. Real estate sector also declined by 10%.

City wise: All metro cities other than Delhi registered a flat growth in hiring activity, with the city recording 10% growth. Bangalore listings increased by 2% while Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune saw slightly better growth by 5%. Mumbai and Chennai saw a decrease in jobs listed by 3% and 3% respectively.

Image source: GotCredit under CCBY license