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Airtel made Rs 3583.1 crore from its Mobile Internet services accounting for around 24.7% of Airtel’s mobile revenues in the quarter ended September 2016 (Q2 FY17). The mobile Internet revenues grew to 22.04% year-on-year. The pace of growth slowed as compared to 35% in the preceding quarter.

This could be attributed to Airtel cutting data tariffs to counter Reliance Jio’s operations. More on this here, here and here. However, the number of mobile broadband connections continued to increase in the quarter as well as increase in data consumption. The total mobile broadband connections (which includes both 3G and 4G) stood at 41.355 million growing to 62.2% from the same quarter last year and grew 13% from the preceding quarter.

Mobile broadband accounts for more than 65.97% of the total data connections. Airtel’s 2G base continued to decline in the quarter and stood at 21.324 million compared to 22.33 million in the preceding quarter. Average data per user stood at 1,000 MB compared to 904 MB in the preceding quarter and 765 MB in the same quarter last year.

Note that Airtel has stopped disclosing the number of 3G connections, and the last estimated figure we have is from Q3 FY17, where it had 28.09 million 3G connections, and 2.78 million 4G connections.

All data on mobile internet

  • Total Broadband Connections increased by 13% QoQ to 41.355 million and increased by 62.2% YoY from 24.48 million
  • Airtel’s Total Data connections increased by 6.4% QoQ to 62.66 million and increased by 22.8% YoY from 51.03 million
  • 2G Data connections decreased 4.5% QoQ to 21.324 million and decreased by 15.48% YoY from 25.23 million
  • Overall Connection base increased by 1.6% QoQ to 259.94 million and increased by 10.5% YoY from 235.21 million
  • Total data volume increased by 12.7% QoQ to 178.125 billion MB and increased by 54.9% YoY from 114.96 billion MB
  • Data ARPU per data customer decreased by 0.5% QoQ to Rs 201 and increased by 4.2% YoY from Rs 193
  • Data Realization per MB decreased by 10% QoQ to Rs 0.22 and decreased by 20.2% YoY from Rs 0.26
  • Data Usage per customer increased by 10.6% QoQ to 1000 MB and increased by 30.6% YoY from 765 MB

Airtel India Revenues

– India mobile  revenues up 7.9% year on year to Rs 14735.2 crore
– 8% year on year growth in Mobile revenues.
– India total revenues up 10% YoY to Rs 19218.8 crore
– EBITDA was up 17% YoY to Rs 8220.6 crore

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