Reliance Jio accused Vodafone India of being anti-competitive and said that it hasn’t provided enough points of interconnect (POIs) for voice calls on their network. The Mukesh Ambani-led network said that over the last few weeks that 80 calls were failing out of every 100 call attempts to Vodafone.

“In the last 10 days alone, over 15 crore RJIL calls have failed on the Vodafone network,” Jio said in a statement.

Vodafone, along with Airtel and Idea, said that it would be increasing POIs for Jio. It had said that it would be increasing POIs to Jio by three times. However, Reliance countered and said that  this was “substantially less than the requirement estimated based on transparent workings shared with Vodafone.”

“Vodafone ought to have augmented POIs by itself in compliance with its license terms,” Jio added.

Other players pledge for POIs

Note that this week Idea pledged to add an additional 196 POIs “shortly” in order to handle 1.85 million more customers from  Jio where calls originate. The company said that in August 2016, there were 2.97 million Jio subscribers who ended calls on Jio’s network. Idea added that there was an unprecedented asymmetry of traffic of 14.5 times between Jio and their network. “Never, ever, has such a high asymmetry been observed with a new operator in the past,” the statement added.

Similarly, Airtel said that it will be providing additional points of interconnect to handle calls from Reliance Jio. With this, Airtel will be able to serve 15 million customers but did not give out a specific number of POIs. It however said that it would be increasing POIs three times of its current numbers.

Number portability

Jio further accused incumbent telecom operators of blocking mobile number portability facility for subscribers who wish to port to Jio on “baseless and unsubstantiated grounds.”

“This is again an anti-competitive move aimed at stifling a new operator, denying the Indian customers the benefit of choice of service provider. This is against public interest and fair play,” Reliance alleged.