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Uber India has signed a partnership with American Express which will integrate its corporate card programme with Uber for Business. Through this, Indian corporate employees who have American Express company cards can use them for rides in any of the 70 countries in which the taxi hailing service operates.  Uber for Business is the cab hailing app’s solution for corporate clients.

The billing for these cards will be done at the company account  in India. Corporate clients will be entitled to sign-up bonus and usage based benefits, along with bonus reward points. They can also avail extended payment terms (51 days credit period).

Note that globally, Uber allows payment for rides via an international credit or debit card, but doesn’t allow Indian credit cards. In India, however, the company resumed payments via credit cards in July 2015. It had stopped payments via credit cards after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had raised concerns over two factor authentication and violation of foreign exchange laws in India.

In November 2014, the RBI issued a directive that Card Not Present (CNP) transactions for purchases of goods and services in India had to be processed through Indian banks and payments needed to be made in Rupees in August this year (which led to Uber tying up with Paytm for ride payments). Since the billing for American Express cards will be done in India, the cab hailing company will be complying with the RBI’s rules.

Scheduling rides

Earlier this month, Uber launched a ‘schedule a ride’ feature in India which lets its users book a cab up to 30 days in advance in 20 out of 28 cities of operation. The company says that this feature is the most requested from its international users. Ride scheduling will also be available for Uber for Business, and it will give priority access to users who have a business profile.