Twitter has partnered with Rolling Stone India to curate live music gigs on the platform. Artists will go live on Periscope & Twitter from Twitter India’s ‘BlueRoom’ twice a month. The artists will also engage with fans on Twitter before and after the performance.

To make the whole experience more interactive, artists will crowdsource their lyrics, take Twitter polls for fans, make album and tour announcements, share tidbits, and chat live on Periscope when performing. The channel will be available on #RollingWith on Twitter and will feature artists like The Vamps, Sandunes, Diving, Nucleya and Dualist Inquiry. The first performance is already live.

Monetizing Periscope: Twitter has two video content products: Periscope, for live content, and Vine for short clips. Periscope videos on Twitter is aligned with the company’s plan to monetize Periscope and Vine by bringing them to Twitter, and allowing marketers to “do targeting campaigns and measurement through the tools that we have available on the platform”, as the company had said during its conference call in June this year.

Focus on live premium content: During the same call, the company said that live premium content will be one of its primary focus areas going forward. Its CFO Anthony Noto said “we know that on Thursday nights during the 3-hour telecast of Thursday Night Football, we have millions of users looking at tweets about that game. And they’re creating tens of millions of impressions that we know are very valuable to them and very valuable to our partners, both the NFL and, of course, our advertisers. And so being able to bring the live streaming game into the product with that live commentary, those live conversations is a complete solution. And so we see it is a product that will be the same for logged in, logged out and syndicated users. It’s the same video, the same ads, the same analytics.”

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Saavn unplugged series: Music streaming service Saavn attempted something similar last year when it launched a new series of live acoustic shows and interviews with popular international and Indian artists dubbed Live@Saavn on YouTube. In April this year, Saavn said it would launch nine original audio shows. In the same month, YouTube also said it was looking to develop original music through an initiative called the ‘Foundry’.