We’re pleased to announce our speakers for the #NAMA ‘Future of Public WiFi’, at India Habitat Centre in Delhi, in partnership with Facebook & Google, on the 6th of October 2016, from 4:30 pm onward.

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We have confirmed 50+ attendees from industry (Telecom and Internet), offices of Members of Parliament, Ecommerce companies looking at WiFi roll-out, MVNO applicants, members of the DDC committee on WiFi, and some DoT executives.

Our speakers

Chetan Krishnaswamy, Country Head – Public Policy, Google India
The Internet is the most powerful vehicle of free expression the world has ever known. In his role as Country Head (Public Policy) of Google India, Chetan Krishnaswamy engages with policy makers, industry associations and members of civil society & academia to create a conducive environment for an open and inclusive internet.

Garrett Kinsman, Ola’s Innovation Labs
Garrett Kinsman is working at the convergence of Design, Hardware & Internet. He currently works for Ola’s Innovation Labs, sometimes dubbed ‘Google X of India’, although he attends as a private individual. His background lies in hardware, helping launch FireChat in San Francisco, and designing mesh networking hardware. On his weekends he is validating Natana: an effort to apply the ridesharing model to internet and solar, empowering independent entrepreneurs to deploy last mile WiFi and gigabit infrastructure.

Munish Seth, Country Manager – Connectivity Solutions, Facebook India
A recognized technology leader, Munish has been instrumental in introducing new technologies and innovative business models in the Indian telecom landscape. Driven by a strong sense of urgency and customer passion, he always searches out new ways to improve operations, generate growth prospects and elevate best-practices. As Country Manager (Connectivity Solutions) for Facebook India, he is bringing internet connectivity to the billion underserved and under connected people in hinterlands of India, by building partnerships, enabling new business models and introducing state of the art technology solutions to bring affordable and quality internet to the masses.

What we’ll discuss at #NAMAwifi

To get a sense of the depth of the discussions at #NAMA events, do check our #NAMAvoip videos.

With the advent of 4G, there still remains an opportunity in WiFi roll-outs: many cities have areas where public WiFi has been deployed; many restaurants in major cities have WiFi deployed. We plan to discuss the opportunities and challenges with WiFi roll-outs: What kind of consumer behaviour has been noticed on public WiFi networks? What business models will help create a viable public WiFi system in India? What impact does impact of the spectrum allocation have on WiFi? What are the challenges related to roll-out and maintenance, and whether an open WiFi environment is feasible?

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Note that this is a curated event, and meant only for those who are already working in this domain. In case you fit with our mandate for a curated audience, we’ll send you a confirmed invite. Also, your contact information will never be shared with anyone outside of MediaNama.


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