We’re pleased to introduce AGENDA, your weekly digital planner, which should help you plan your week or month. There’s a tendency, given how much is going on, for us to miss key deadlines and events. This could be a key event in your city, a deadline for a regulatory consultation, or the last date to apply for an award or an accelerators next batch. This is a work in progress, but our intent here is to simplify things for you, by telling you what’s up next week, on every Friday.

If you’re interested in this information, delivered to your mailbox, once a week: subscribe here. Our first email (and post) go live on this Friday.

If you’re planning something related to digital

If you have anything planned for next week, or the next six months, please email with the details.

Here’s how you can help us help you. Tell us:
– If there’s an event that you’re organizing. We’ll maintain a calendar, but we’ll also alert our readers to the event.
– If you’re running an accelerator, let us know about your deadlines.
– If you’re an organization like TiE, Product Nation or Headstart, and you have monthly calendars, add to your mailing list.
– If you’re hosting an award and are seeking applications, let us know.

We’re also going to launch a website that lists these, but most importantly, we’ll do a weekly update on MediaNama and send an email out. Subscribe here

Listing on Agenda is free for the time being, but we will explore business models in the future.


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