Airtel mobile broadband internet q1 2017

Airtel made Rs 3525.73 crore between March to June 2016 from its Mobile Internet services, accounting for around 23.7% of Airtel’s total mobile revenues. Mobile Internet revenues outpaced its overall revenue growth, up 35% year on year, as compared to overall mobile services revenues which were up 23% year on year. Quarter on quarter, Airtel’s mobile Internet revenues were up 5.05%.

This growth in mobile Internet revenues has been spurred by a substantial increase in its mobile broadband connections (3G+4G), as well as a major increase in amount of data consumption, with only a marginal decline in data realization rate.

Airtel users are consuming substantially more data: 904 MB per month, from 706 MB last year. Mobile broadband connections were up 68.3% year on year to 36.57 million from 21.73 million at the end of the same quarter last year. As many as 62% of Airtel’s connections are broadband. It’s worth noting that its 2G base actually declined during the quarter: down 20.6% year on year to 22.33 million from 28.11 million last year.

Airtel mobile broadband 21 2017 internet

Airtel has stopped disclosing the number of 3G connections, and the last estimated figure we have is from six months ago, where it had 28.09 million 3G connections, and 2.78 million 4G connections.

All the data on Mobile Internet:

  • Total Broadband Connections increased by 3.1% QoQ to 36.57 million and increased by 68.3% YoY from 21.73 million
  • Airtel’s Total Data connections increased by 1.2% QoQ to 58.90 million and increased by 19.1% YoY from 49.47 million
  • 2G Data connections decreased by -1.9% QoQ to 22.33 million and decreased by 20.6% YoY from 28.11 million
  • Overall Connection base increased by 1.8% QoQ to 255.74 million and increased by 10.9% YoY from 230.66 million
  • VAS service revenue decreased by -3.8% QoQ to 5.0% of total mobile revenue, and decreased by -12.3% YoY from 5.70% of mobile service revenue
  • Total data volume increased by 7.7% QoQ to 158.04 billion MB and increased by 54.9% YoY from 102.02 billion MB
  • Data ARPU per data customer increased by 3.1% QoQ to Rs 202.00 and increased by 11.6% YoY from Rs 181.00
  • Data Realization per MB decreased by -2.4% QoQ to 0.22 MB and decreased by -12.7% YoY from 0.26 MB
  • Data Usage per customer increased by 5.2% QoQ to 904 MB and increased by 28.0% YoY from 706 MB+

Airtel India Revenues

Airtel revenues q1 fy17

– India revenues up 10.3% year on year to Rs 19155 crore
– 9.1% year on year growth in Mobile revenues, 11.0% in Homes, 22.2% in Digital TV and 10.4% in Airtel Business.
– Airtel Business also now includes the erstwhile Corporate fixed line voice and fixed line data business which was previously a part of Telemedia segment.

Details: Press Release | Quarterly Report