Teachers, schools, and K-12 institutions can upload and share free online resources, texts, presentations, etc to help educators cut time while curating lessons for students through Amazon Inspire service launched on Monday.

Amazon said that most teachers end up spending up to 12 hours a week searching and curating resources and lesson plans ahead of their classes, while giving high priority to resources shared or suggested by their direct peer members.

The service is currently in a limited beta-test stage, and teachers from any country or location can login freely in to the website by registering themselves through this form. Amazon claims that the platform currently hosts resources shared by state school departments, and school districts from the U.S with additional contributions from publishers, and other individual/group content developers. Apart from this, student and teachers in the U.S can use Amazon Inspire to search and discover for colleges, and other higher institutions from a database sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

“With Amazon Inspire, we aim to quickly and easily put the best and most trusted digital resources at teachers’ fingertips, saving them valuable time that can be devoted to what they do best and enjoy most—teaching,” said Rohit Agarwal, General Manager of Amazon K-12 Education in a statement.

Features offered by Amazon Inspire

  • Free upload and custom search: Teachers can drag-and-drop files they want to share and add basic metadata such as title, description, grade, and subject to the particular file. This in turn will allow other teachers and educators to discover resources filtered by grade level, standard or even from a particular district or state.
  • Collections: Contributors can group resources they upload into ‘Collections’. This feature will allow them to describe or name the collection, curate additional resources or content into it, recommend an order for going through the resources, and share the collection with other teachers as well.
  • Peer review: Teachers can rate and review resources being uploaded on Amazon Inspire; this will help their immediate peer-groups or colleagues around the country to identify the best resources available from the platform.
  • Accessibility support: Amazon Inspire has added native accessibility features like use of screen reader softwares with voice-guided support, while allowing contributors to indicate other accessibility features of resources they upload.

Amazon test preparation platform: In January, Amazon India launched Exam Central, under the books department on the website where users can access sample question papers, solved papers and articles from academicians for entrance exams. It also displays exam info and calendar (for the next 3-4 months, updated in time), preparation books, study material, exams preparation tips and FAQs. The portal covers cover exams like UPSC, GRE, GATE, IBPS PO, CAT, GMAT, IIT-JEE, bank exams like, management exams, engineering and medical exams, as well as international and professional exams. Some of the books/texts are available in Hindi as well.

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