YouTube has introduced a new messaging feature called native sharing, according to a report by Wired. The publication adds that the feature is launched for a select group of users who can then invite friends into conversation threads.

The message threads will stay on YouTube’s mobile app on a new tab. Users can send and receive YouTube videos to friends within the app as opposed to copying and pasting links into emails, texts, apps, or other messengers. Shimrit Ben-Yair, director of product management at YouTube, said that the company is adding the feature to increase video sharing on YouTube.

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YouTube and social

YouTube seems to be pushing users towards being more social. It seems like it wants users to spend more time on the app rather than just a place to pop in and copy a video link. But YouTube has had a troubling history with going social (remember Google+). In 2013, Google+ profiles were  linked to YouTube comments. Users comments on YouTube were posted on Google+ as mandatory, a move which was very unpopular with users. In July 2015, Google+ de-linked its profiles from other popular Google services with YouTube being first in line.

Separately, YouTube on its blog explained that users only needed a Google profile to make comments on the video platform. The comments users make on YouTube will now appear only on YouTube and not on Google+.

Recent YouTube developments

– YouTube is working on a new service called Unplugged which will stream cable TV packages for a fee. The service is expected to launch in 2017.

– YouTube is also looking to take on the music industry and is developing musical talent through an initiative called “Foundry”. YouTube is in talks with peers in the music industry to discuss closer collaboration.

– YouTube introduced a new 6 second video ad format dubbed Bumper ads, to increase the reach and frequency of ads on mobile devices. The ads would be sold through Google AdWords on a cost per thousand impression (CPM) basis beginning next month. Since the ads will be just six seconds long, consumers are unlikely to have the option to skip them.