Online video streaming platform Vuclip, which launched its video on demand (VOD) service Viu in India in March, has taken the platform to Indonesia. The company claims to have 15,000 hours of Asian content including TV series from Taiwan, movies from Hong Kong and Bollywood. Vuclip has also brought on Dr Ilham Akbar Habibie as an advisor to its team. Vuclip’s Viu apps have been available in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore since January.

For Indonesia, the company has tied up with IndiHome Fiber, Telkomsel and Samsung to provide fast speeds to its users across devices. IndiHome’s fiber subscribers will get Viu content through Telkom’s bundled plans and data packages, while its partnership with Samsung will let Samsung Galaxy users access all Viu content through the “Viu partner offer”; however the companies do not mention if this is a free or paid service for their users.

In Indonesia, Viu will follow a freemium model where the ad free premium version will cost Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 30,000 after a free 30 day trial. Vuclip states that the service will also have offline viewing enabled. As of now, the company will let its users stream content like Master of Revenge, The Royal Gambler, The Flower in Prison, Another Miss Oh, Indonesian soap operas and movies, and Korean shows.

Vuclip-Indosat partnership: Note that in January 2015, Vuclip partnered with the Indonesian telecommunication provider Indosat to offer mobile Video-On-Demand services to Indosat’s 54 million plus subscribers. This partnership would bring content from various partners like MNC Group, Kompas TV, Viva, Kapanlagi, Masak TV and Malesbanget to its subscribers.

Currently, Vuclip claims to have Asian content in 34 languages across 270 content providers globally. The company is headquartered in California, and has offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Beijing, Jakarta;, and Mumbai, Delhi and Pune in India. As of January this year, Vuclip claimed to have a free user base of 20 million and a paying subscriber base of over 5 million in India.

Demand for streaming: In January this year, a Vuclip study found that in Indonesia, 37% videos were downloaded and 13% streamed on desktop, whereas developed nations downloaded 21% and 41% streamed on desktop. On mobile, the same base applied to 27% downloaded and 50% streamed for Indonesia, while for developed countries, it was 13% and 65% for mobile. (For India, it is 37% downloading and 16% streaming on desktops and 24% downloading and 41% streaming on mobile.)

Recent developments:
– In March, Vuclip has branched into original content with the launch of Viu Originals, starting with a cricket comedy chat series called What the Duck.

– In January, Vuclip appointed Vishal Maheshwari as the country manager for India. Maheshwari would be responsible for consumer adoption, engagement and monetisation in India.

– In August last year, Vuclip entered into a partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), to offer WWE clips in India, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.